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Marketing agencies in Orange County are struggling to find staffing solutions at an affordable cost, preventing growth …



STAFFING for MARKETING Agencies | California

Struggling to find staffing solutions at an affordable cost, preventing growth? – Marketing Staffing Agencies Orange County

Obtaining affordable personnel can be daunting. The biggest challenge facing so many Orange County marketing agencies like yours is finding a reliable staffing source. You likely find it especially arduous to hire the right people for the right positions, at a cost you can afford.


You may be an expert at acquiring customers, but struggle to serve those clients adequately. You need help.

Likewise, the cost of employees in Southern California is sky-high, which can hurt a growing company’s profit margin at a time when they need the capital. Agencies in other states have a strategic advantage over you when competing for customers because their payroll expenses are so much less. They’re able to generate profit at a faster rate than you.

Offshore Marketing Strategies

You’ve likely considered trying to hire overseas employees.

Maybe you’ve heard nightmare stories about managing remotely.

Maybe you’ve given remote hiring a try and found it didn’t work for you.

Smart VA Staffing Agency has solved many of the problems associated with hiring offshore.

Find the Right Candidates!

Marketing Staffing Agencies Orange County – Find the Right Candidates! We’ve built an easy-to-use process for hiring the best employee for you. We handle recruiting, screening, payroll services, and much more…

We’ve built an easy-to-use system for hiring the best employee for you. We provide payroll services, making offshore reimbursement a snap.

Train the Right Worker

We train your marketing managers who’ll be supervising these new employees. Supervisors will receive the tools and techniques for directing a virtual staff member.

Why Hire in the Philippines?

Many Filipinos are well-educated and industrious, looking for opportunities, which they can’t find in their home country. A job that’s reliable, stable, and high-paying (for their country) can be a game-changing opportunity for them. Many are smart, skilled, and talented individuals who want to provide a better life for their families, without having to leave their home and culture.

Ideal Marketing Positions for Filipino Assistants

Advertising agencies need highly skilled managers and creatives to produce results for their clients. But a lot of companies waste their most talented employees’ time with work which they could easily delegate.

Example 1: Copywriting

A U.S.-based copywriter is uniquely gifted at writing compelling ads, promotional copy, or digital content, but she spends too much time adding the content into website builders and managing the printing process of flyers, banners, or marketing material.

Example 2: IT Development

An Anaheim web developer is remarkably adept at high-level problem solving but finds herself spending too much time writing simple code. A less experienced developer can complete these routine tasks efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of an employee living in California.

Example 3: Graphic Design

A veteran graphic designer in Santa Ana is talented at producing branding strategies for his agency’s top customers. With a graphic design assistant, he can pass on the execution of the branding strategy, focusing his time on profitable opportunities.

Develop Managers through Virtual Hiring

You will be surprised!

You may find that after several years of working with a new Filipino professional, they’re capable of managing a team, executing highly creative work for your agency, at a fraction of the cost you’d spend on a similar individual living in Orange County.

We know from our own experience in staffing our company—these offshore marketing employees provide enormous value to agencies. They have fueled our growth and can do the same for your Southern California company.

Consider Virtual Staffing for the Following Positions:

Consider Virtual Staffing To Turbo Boost These Types of Activities

IT Services

  • Web Developers
  • Customized CRM Development
  • Software Development Engineering
  • Program Guides (Navigation Software) Development

Content Marketing

  • Copywriters
  • Brand Journalism
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

    We know from our own experience in staffing our company—these offshore marketing employees provide enormous value to agencies.

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Online Traffic Coordination
  • Paid Search Marketing (Adwords, Facebook, etc.)

Branding & Design

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Designers
  • Promotional Artwork Design
  • T-shirt Art Design


  • Video Editing
  • Animation
  • Title Animation
  • Special Effects Computer Animation
  • 3D animation

Office Staff for Marketing Agency

  • Virtual Assistant to Marketing Director
  • Marketing Coordination
  • Clerical Staff
  • Accounting Staff
  • Customer Care
  • Travel Coordination
  • Event Coordination

Sales Tool Development

  • Writing, Designing, and Developing Technical Marketing Materials
  • Promotion Marketing
  • Video Brochure Development
  • Sales Brochure Design
  • Point of Sale Software Management


  • Press Release Copywriting
  • Virtual Assistant to PR Director
  • PR Coordination

Common Concerns Orange County Marketing Agencies Have about Staffing Virtually

Okay, let’s get real here!

You’re still not jazzed about the idea of hiring a remote employee. You’re a control freak. We get it. Every successful business person wants to keep their critical duties from being torn away from their omnipotent hands. Hiring offshore is probably a bit out of your comfort zone.

Everyone has excuses for why they shouldn’t hire virtual employees. But that’s all they are. Excuses.

Here are some common concerns:

Visual Marketing

“But everything I work on is visual. I need to be able to point at the computer screen and show my employee what they need to change.”

No problem.

Screen capture video technology allows you to easily show a staff member what they need to change about anything graphical.

H3: Time Difference

“I need to communicate with my advertising staff in real-time. If I’m working on a project in the middle of the day in Irvine, and it’s the middle of the night in the Philippines, I don’t want to have to wait until tomorrow to hear back from them.”

No problem.

Many Filipinos are willing to work night shifts in their country to be available to communicate with their Orange County managers. Instant messaging makes fixing problems a piece of cake.

H3: Company Culture

“I’m not sure they’ll fit into the highly competitive and aggressive company culture I’ve cultivated in my team?”

No problem.

There are cultural differences between Americans and Filipinos. But like all human beings, they adapt and meet expectations when their manager communicates those standards effectively.

English Speaking

“I write ad copy in English. Do they understand the language well enough to write professionally?”


There are highly skilled writers of English in the Philippines. We will find a Filipino writer for you who can compose English better than most Americans.

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Grow Your Marketing Agency!

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Hire a virtual marketing assistant TODAY from our Orange County company and see for yourself—There are many offshore professionals ready and willing to help you grow your agency NOW!


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