What Does A Virtual Assistant Cost?

On average, our monthly rate is between $1,050 to $1,350 a month.

This assumes a full-time permanent hire. Someone who is going to work for you 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

We charge the one monthly fee as above. That fee covers all costs.

We handle advertising and screening and initial interviews. We handle pay raises, performance bonuses, and incentives. We handle changes in conversion rates between American dollars and Filipino Pesos. We handle the cost of transferring funds to the Philippines.

All are covered by our monthly fee.

Getting started

Complete our no-obligation job requirement form. If all looks good, and we all agree to move forward, we will require a deposit to get going. The deposit will be $475 which is equal to 50% of the average first month’s cost.

If we are unable to find a suitable candidate for you, your deposit will be fully refundable.

Pricing – Is There A Catch?


Are There Any Hidden Costs?

The 13th Month

There is just one cost that is not immediately obvious to someone not used to working with Filipinos. In the Philippines, under Presidential Decree No. 851, companies pay a 13th-month payroll to all staff. That pay is equal to one month’s salary (pro-rated for time worked for the company).  Locally it is known as the ’13th Month’ and is paid at the end of November (by law before Christmas day) which therefore is a double month pay wise.

When budgeting for a virtual assistant we recommend calculating the monthly rate times thirteen.

There are no other costs, and nothing is hidden. If you understand the 13th Month there should be no surprises.

Why Are The Rates Listed Above An “Average” And What Will The Cost Actually Turn Out To Be?

Salaries in the Philippines are negotiated, just like in the U.S…  Depending upon the skills, experience, and education level required, an individual’s salary will vary. When you send us a job description we will provide you with a viability assessment, a likely timeline, and a cost estimate. The above rates are simply the averages we are currently seeing.

Is The Rate Permanent For The Term Of The Employment?

No, it is an annual guarantee. We guarantee that the rate will remain the same for at least twelve months from the commencement of the hiring date.

What Annual Increases Am I Likely To See To My Rates?

Increases are based on:

  • Overall improvements in skill levels of your employees.
  • Promotions and or additional responsibilities given by you.
  • Inflation and significant dollar to peso conversion rates.

In the past, annual rate increases have averaged between 3 – 10%

Are There Any Other Costs I Should Take Into Account When Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

Most Filipino’s will have basic equipment such as a computer and an internet connection.

Over time some employers like to provide better equipment to their high-performing staff. Items such as upgraded laptops, second monitors, USB drives are common. In these cases, we recommend providing 60% of the cost of replacement or additional equipment on a case-by-case basis. Should you decide to approve a purchase we pass through those funds transparently.

For more details see our Virtual Assistant Equipment Approval Process.


Payment Process

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