Time It Takes to Hire? - Frequenty Asked Questions

How Quickly Can I Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Usually, we are able to find a suitable virtual assistant for most clients within 14 days.

Sometimes we are even able to find a perfect person for a client in 5 days. It really all depends.

Factors that can affect how long it takes to hire an appropriate virtual assistant include:

  • How complicated or rare the specific experience or qualifications required for the job are
  • Time of year – some parts of the year are better for recruiting than others
  • Occasionally we receive a job description from a client that is a little vague – this can result in a bit of back and forth prior to recruiting

The quicker a client is able to send us a clear comprehensive job description, the faster we can usually find them a good virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant Recruiting Process

The process for recruiting VAs is pretty straightforward

  • The client completes a job requirement description
  • We review the job description for viability and match it to our database
  • We advertise if necessary
  • We review and screen all initial application
  • We give potential candidates one to two exercises which help us ascertain their English as well as their general skills
  • Sometimes, depending upon the skills needed, we may create an additional exercise to help qualify applicants
  • When we have a final shortlist of best or ideal candidates, we send those to our client to review
  • Once our client selects a VA the candidate can usually start straight away