Orange County’s Top Medical Billing Staffing Agencies for Healthcare Companies

There’s an increased demand for staffing your medical company for coding and billing insurance companies. The healthcare industry is struggling to find Orange County residents who can meet their recruitment needs. Agencies usually aren’t able to solve their problem—workers are too expensive or less skilled.

It would be wonderful if billing insurance was a seamless process, but doctors need employees to follow up constantly with health insurance companies. Supplying your office with skilled administration staff for your clinic is even more important than ever.

The Trouble with Reimbursement

It can be enormously challenging for doctor’s offices and hospitals to get reimbursed. The customer pays standard businesses at the time they receive service. But in the healthcare industry, it’s not uncommon for companies to wait for months to get paid.

This unusual method of payment creates enormous cash flow problems for local doctors trying to serve the Orange County community. If your medical staff is not constantly following up with physicians to clarify diagnoses, and sending the additional information to the insurers, your office will find itself in serious financial limbo.

The Cost of Reimbursement

It seems somewhat unfair you have to spend so much money just to get paid for your services, but it’s tough to escape the current American model of healthcare. And with the shortage of staffing options in the Southern California area, the problem of finding workers for assisting your office staff is only exacerbated.

You must compensate your employees an extremely high wage so they can afford the cost of living in our state. But the average medical biller makes over $60,000 per year in the United States. If your business is running ragged trying to get paid, you’re not going to want to add the cost of a new staff member to your payroll, just to get caught up on billing.

There is a Solution!

Work with the Best of the Medical Billing Staffing Agencies in Orange County

There is a trend, especially in expensive states like California, to use virtual assistants in various office roles. Medical billing is no different. Staffing your clinic with offshore employees is a smart solution.

If you think it’s impossible to get high-quality employees working overseas, don’t believe the naysayers. Hundreds of Orange County companies are discovering just how inexpensive and effective staffing from places like the Philippines can be. Medical billing is the ideal type of work to outsource through agencies like ours.

Why Hire Through Us?

Smart VA Staffing Agency doesn’t just find qualified overseas employees. We’ve built our own business through this method. We know how to recruit, pay, and manage virtual assistants working remotely. We’ve trained other Orange County companies in the art of delegating work to an employee across the globe.

Don’t become intimidated by the prospect of running your billing through an employee not working at your California office. You’ll discover highly qualified, educated, thorough workers who will work incredibly hard to maintain employment from a U.S. company. Reliable employment options aren’t available in their country. They will tackle any challenge you throw at them with tenacity and ingenuity if you clearly communicate the expectations.

Need a Whole Lineup of Staff Members?

You can hire an entire team of office assistants through our staffing agency. Hire medical coders to review clinical statements and ascribe standard codes for billing. Then use virtual medical billing specialists to follow-up on claims and drive the projects to completion. Hire an entire coding and billing office for the price of one Orange County resident.

Hire a Virtual Employee for:

  • Navigating various insurance regulations and reducing the claims period.
  • Understanding the numerous carrier-types
  • Knowing the claim requirements for each carrier.
  • Following-up for accounts receivable.
  • Managing the appeals process for denied claims.
  • Applying insurance and patient collections, while gathering fees in a way that protects the reputation of your healthcare company.
  • Understanding fair debt-collection practices.
  • Implementing accurate claims.
  • Executing medical filing processes according to guidelines.
  • Enforcing your company’s refund requirements.
  • Using data and reports to determine potential areas of improvement to the billing department.

Hire Today

When you begin to explore Orange County staffing agencies to handle billing for your healthcare clinic, you’ll find most do not offer virtual employees. We specialize in offshore workers. We know how to recruit the right medical office employees for your company. Begin the recruitment process now, start saving money on overhead, and get reimbursed for your services promptly. You’ll love this solution!


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