Filipino VA Reliability - Frequently Asked Questions

How Reliable are Filipino Virtual Assistants, who are working from home in the Philippines?

In our experience, they are extremely reliable.

Having said that, we need to qualify our answer by defining specifically what we mean by ‘offshore workers’.

As a founding business and as a staffing agency, we exclusively source and provide Filipino full-time staff who work from home and are based in the Philippines.  Over the years we have done this within our own businesses and also on behalf of other companies.

Offshore Workers / Virtual Assistants

When we use the term ‘offshore workers’ we are exclusively talking about full-time staff, working from home and who are based in the Philippines. Often this type of person is referred to as “virtual assistants’.

There’s really nothing virtual about them though. They are real people, they just happen to be located in another country.

Offshore Workers / Philippines

We did not always confine ourselves to sourcing staff from the Philippines. We have tried several other countries including India.

Over the long haul, we have found that our success rate, the degree to which we are able to find well-qualified individuals who do well in their position over a long period of time, (three years plus) has been consistently higher when we source them from the Philippines.

Indeed, some of our staff have been with us for over seven years.

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Offshore Workers / Management Skills, Tip, and Tricks

It has to be said also, that reliability of a company’s staff will be greatly influenced by how well they are managed. The Smart VA Staffing Agency has a very high level of experience in managing staff of all types.

There has been much study on this subject. In general, the conclusion is that above, pay, training, size of company, benefits, meaningful work, and a whole slew of other factors the behavior of the employee’s manager is the single biggest influencing factor on staff retention.

We acknowledge that our management techniques are a significant factor in our success. With that in mind, we have created a range of tips as to how you too can enjoy the same success.

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