Request Termination

What happens when I decide to end my employment relationship with my VA?

Terminating an employee is a serious employment action, a series of frustrating circumstances where either the employee is a poor fit for the job or simply won’t get along with the crew can precipitate a termination.  Our review system is an excellent source for pointing out areas for improvement, which can address troublesome issues early on:

SmartVA Staffing Agency also offers a Performance Improvement Plan that can help guide you through a frustrating situation should you experience dissatisfaction with your staff member.

Should these measures not work, a termination may be inevitable.  In a case such as this, simply complete the information in the form below, so that expectations on both sides can be met.  You may choose to terminate immediately (pay in lieu of notice) or you may choose to have the staff member work through to the end of their formal notice period.

Once we have these details, we will take care of giving the formal notice to you.

All costs will cease one month from the formal termination date.