Philippine National Holidays, Personal Vacation Days and The 13th Month

We Honor The 13th Month

We honor this and pay it to all Filipino staff at the end of November which therefore is a double month pay wise.

Background – In the Philippines, under Presidential Decree No. 851, companies pay a 13th month payroll to all staff. That pay is equal to one month’s salary (pro-rated for time worked for the company).  Locally it is known as the ’13th Month’.

Philippine National Holidays

We recognize all the standard Philippine holidays and full time (40 hour per week employees) are paid for those holidays. See holiday dates are in the table below.

Personal Vacation Days (Full Time Employees Only)

Paid vacation time (Service Incentive Leave) of one week a year is awarded as standard after one year with the company. This must be used within the year awarded. The availability of any further vacation leave is awarded at the client’s discretion.

2019 Philippine Holiday Table

List of 2020 Philippine Holidays (Only paid to full time employees):

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