Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines – How to Get Started

To get started, simply send us a job description of the role you are looking to fill and detail the major tasks you want your virtual assistant to do or be responsible for. If there are specific educational requirements or types of experience you want the person to have, detail those as well. Specify any special hours or ways in which you want the person to work.




How to Get Started? Hire Your First Virtual Assistants the Easy Way


What Happens next?

We will review your requirements and job description and let you know the degree to which we think a virtual assistant will be able to fulfill your needs. We will also let you know how long we think it will take to find an ideal candidate for you. We can usually find people pretty quickly. Our average is just under two weeks.

If all looks good, we will require a deposit to get going. The deposit will be $475 which is equal to 50% of the average first month’s cost.

If we are unable to find a suitable candidate for you, your deposit will be fully refundable.

Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant Recommendations

Keep Them Busy

Make sure you really do have enough work to keep a full-time, (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) person busy. We find that a lot of people are surprised just how quickly a full-time virtual assistant gets through the work assigned to them.

A lot of our clients are surprised how quickly their virtual assistants complete work assignments

On the one hand, this is great, you get a lot done. When you are running a business, this can be a godsend.

On the other hand, if you have not thought through what you want them to do and carefully lined up the work, they will be sitting around waiting for work. Given the low cost of Filipino workers, this might not seem like a big deal.

What we have found is that if you do not keep your virtual assistant busy from the beginning two things result:

  • First is that the Filipino will not sit about doing nothing. Typically, they will find a second job. Once they get a second job they will always be splitting their time between you and their other position. At best you will find that their performance becomes erratic, at worst they will leave and work for the other company.
  • Second is that with a slow start, you will be setting a precedent, an expectation of the level of output you expect from your staff. They will inherently tend to continue to work at the pace you set in the first week and month. This bar and output level you set at the beginning tends to have its own inertia making it hard for you to increase their output later.

Better to start at them at the level you want the person to work at consistently.


Be sure to have created any training you need your virtual assistant to go through before we start the hiring process. Once we start, the process tends to go very quickly. We recommend you create a set of short video training modules. Simple screen recordings often work best for this process.

See how to create great training modules for your virtual assistant.

Create video training for your staff, save time and dollars in the long run


Ready To Get Started?

The way forward is easy, start by describing the job you want your first virtual assistant to do.

Send us a job description of the role you are looking to fill and detail the major tasks you want your virtual assistant to do