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Remember the first time you paid for toilet paper with your own money? It’s such a depressing moment, realizing your hard-earned cash is now paying for something essential, but SO unsexy. Hiring IT experts for your Orange County business is also crucial, but not very fun when you see how much local employees cost.

You’d like to see more funds going to your profit margin, wouldn’t you? That’s sexy!

Valued Workers

Comparing IT staff to toilet paper may seem to denigrate a noble profession.

Anyone who’s worked with a prized information systems technician knows it’s a very creative role, mandatory for company growth, and worth keeping at all costs.

An engineering mindset, exact and detail-oriented, will save your organization money. Proper maintenance of your hardware and software systems is essential to fiscal responsibility.

The problem, of course, is how an IT member affects staffing costs, which can really eat into your profits. The cost of living in Southern California is so much higher than most places in the United States. The payroll expenses necessary to hire the best in this state causes companies here to struggle when competing with other firms throughout the world.

I.T. Staffing, build your team locally, or go Virtual Assistant? Which is better and Why? I.T. Staffing Agencies

The Problem of Hiring Locally

Local agencies may be able to find top-notch IT candidates, but then you see how much it will cost to employ them, and you decide not to grow your Orange County business in the ways you’d like. Growth should never be avoided in this competitive market.

We have a solution!

Have You Considered Hiring a Virtual IT Employee?

Tech-savvy companies need the best quality IT staff members, and often a high number of them. Given the nature of most technology work, it’s usually pretty easy to use an overseas employee. Your staff may already be accustomed to communicating with each other through instant messaging, email, and screen capture video.

IT Staffing Services from one of Orange County’s Best Agencies

Imagine, a new employee with a very technical and thoughtful thought process at one-fifth the cost of a local hire.

Here are some examples of the types of services an offshore employee can conduct for you:

  • Installing and configuring software systems, networks.
  • Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks.
  • Responding promptly to service issues and requests.
  • Providing technical support to employees and customers.
  • Setting up accounts for new users.
  • Testing new technology.
  • Training junior staff members.

With Smart Staffing VA Orange County you’ll get a new employee with a very technical and thoughtful thought process. They won’t just complete rudimentary tasks. They’ll be capable of advanced problem-solving. You’ll be able to set strict deadlines. They will be capable of prioritizing and delegating tasks to meet your expectations.

Ultimately, you want an eager eye for detail in your IT staff members. We’ll help you find the exact skills you need for your Orange County company.

Cost to your Business

Paying for IT staffing may not be the most exciting company expense. But you’ll feel happy the cost is only a fraction of what it would typically cost employing Orange County residents.

Hire a top-level IT specialist for less than $1,000 a month. Compare this cost with the standard rates, and you’ll see how appealing virtual assistants are.

Need a Team?

No problem. We’ll set you up with a high-quality team of computer, software, or web technicians immediately.

Start Hiring Staff Now!

Give Smart Staffing VA a call today and begin your journey to higher profit by employing a top-level IT member or team for less money. Start making plans to grow your California business, because, with technology infrastructure in place, big sexy profits are on their way.


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