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From Some of Our Clients Reviews Regarding How They See the Value of Their Virtual Assistants


Chelsea (Gale) Murray, Gale & Vallance, Orange CA, “My favorite part about VAs is that the hiring process is so streamlined. I simply outline who I need to add to my team, and I get back a few well-vetted candidates to choose from”.

Eric Evans

Eric Evans, Chrysalis Insurance Agency Orange County, “our Philippine hire has better speaking and writing skills than a local hire that was in our office for 2.5 years and who was paid $16.00 an hour”.

Wade Mann, The Buzz Author, “I was impressed with the IT staff who did web development. They were able to solve complex problems our competitors couldn’t”.

Wade Mann

Lucy L

Lucy L. Kat, Lucy Photography LLC, “worked with extremely talented article writers, video editors, developers, and designers–their quality of work and communication skills are better than most of the people I talk to for other businesses”.

Ken Wells, Founder of Sales Key, “We gave them a description; they handled every aspect of recruiting and screening. They literally nailed it on the first attempt.”

Ken Wells

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Ken Wells is the owner of B2B SalesKey based in California

Eric P. Evans is the owner of Chrysalis Insurance Agency in Costa Mesa, California

Chelsea (Gale) Murray is an Associate Attorney at The Law Offices of Gale and Vallance, – A Professional Corporation



Review by Wade Mann The Buzz Author Salt Lake City, Utah



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