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Offshore Virtual Assistants

We Focus on Providing High Quality, Full Time, Offshore Staff to Local Small Businesses in Orange County

Sometimes referred to as virtual assistants, these are English-speaking people based in the Philippines. With a team like this, you can turbo boost your business, provide a much better service to your customers and save on staffing costs.

Sometimes referred to as virtual assistants (VAs), these are English-speaking people based in the Philippines.

Filipino virtual assistants like Karen will typically come with a good education, often a degree, and specific experience aligned with job requirements.

Filipino VAs will typically come with a good education, often a degree, and specific experience aligned with job requirements.

Examples of obtainable experience include I.T., Windows support, email, legal support, graphic design, web development, insurance office, data entry, customer service, QuickBooks & accounting, call center, writers, medical billing, 24/7 support, eCommerce, and much more.

We perform the recruiting and initial interviews then provide a very short list of qualified candidates.

We handle payroll, bonuses, and employee management.

Our clients only need to budget for a single monthly fee with no complications. The monthly fee usually equals about one-sixth of what it costs to maintain U.S. staff in equivalent positions. There are no employee taxes, insurance, workers comp, or any of the usual issues that come with hiring U.S. staff.

It is usually possible to hire Filipino virtual assistants to work any specific hours that are needed.

Clients must train their new employees and assign the specific work they will be doing. Clients will also need to provide performance feedback on a regular basis.

We provide tools and tips to aid in the training and performance management of our client’s staff.

We Provide Full Time and or Part-Time Staff

Usually, when small businesses in Orange County hire part-time staff, they often do so due to budget constraints rather than necessarily because there is not enough work to keep their employee busy.

The difference in cost between a full-time and a part-time hire is so small with virtual assistants that we usually recommend hiring full-time.

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Find Out If the Position You Need to Fill is Ideal for a Virtual Assistant Hire

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Project Work?

Have a project that needs completing quickly?

Services – Get a large project completed quickly and efficiently with a team of virtual assistants.

  • Need a team of technical administrators to add a large number of products to an eCommerce store?
  • Need to make complicated changes to a website?
  • Need professional business consultancy?
  • Sales, marketing, web development, or SEO?
  • Channel development and or performance management?


Whatever You Need

To get started, simply send us a description of the job you need to get done. Tell us if you think it is, a full-time, part-time, or short-term project. We will then get back to you as quickly as we can with a cost estimate and a timeline.