Review Process – Client and Filipino Virtual Assistant Staff

Performance Review Process for your Virtual Assistants

Staff who work remotely need thoughtful feedback from you. Filipino virtual assistants will thrive with good quality feedback that allows them to understand how well they are doing as well as the value of their work. See more tips on managing your virtual assistants.

We conduct reviews on the following schedule for Filipino staff

  • Review after the first month
  • Review after 3 months
  • Review after 6 months
    • Thereafter reviews every 6 months

We assess staff based on the quality and speed of their work as well as their ability to communicate well. The first month is considered an introductory period; all reviews can potentially impact salary.

For more background on this process see:

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Filipino Self-assessment Form

This form should be completed by the Filipino staff themselves. It is intended to allow them to provide feedback regarding how they see their performance and communicate things they need and any problems they experience.

Employer form

Employers (our clients) should use this form to provide performance feedback to their staff. This process also allows us to understand how well their staff is doing and help them should problems occur. Employers should complete this only after their VA staff have completed their “self-assessment” form.


This process is simple and straightforward. Both the staff and the employer are sent calendar appointments to indicate it is time to complete a performance review.

  • Kicking the process off – the Filipino receives the reminder to indicate it is time to complete the Self-assessment Form.
    • Once the completed form is submitted, HR will then forward the review to the Employer for feedback.
  • On receipt of this self-assessment from their VA, the employer should complete the Employer Form.
    • Both forms are then compiled by HR and sent to both the staff member and the client to keep as a record of the process.

The forms are simple and easy to complete. In our experience, this simple regular review process encourages honest communication between the staff and the employer. It also usually results in better staff retention, satisfaction, and performance.



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