Do California staffing costs make it difficult for you to grow your business?

Do you struggle to keep on top of all parts of your business?

Have you tried hiring more staff, but found it hard to find or afford the right people?

Consider Smart VA Staffing – Get the best people at a fraction of the cost

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Does this sound like you?

"I tried to hire more staff but all I end up doing is paying a fortune to train them, only to have them up and leave and become a competitor!"

We make it easy to hire full time highly educated, competent, loyal staff

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    Are you worried that your staff are 1099's but really shouldn't be, given the type of work you have them do?

    Do you worry about the legal ramifications between hiring a 1099 US contractor and a W-2 employee?

    Just cannot seem to find new employees with a strong work ethic?

    Do they always just seem to want a free ride?

    Hire full time people who want a stable long-term job and are prepared to work for it

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    Which of these two descriptions sounds most like your last employee?

    a) Highly educated, cost effective, competent, reliable, loyal, efficient…
    b) Overpaid, lazy, unreliable, absent, drama queen, blamed everyone but themselves..?

    If "b)" is the answer, we feel your pain, we've been there

    Whatever you do, don't keep doing the same thing – Try something new

    Try Smart VA Staffing for workers that actually want to work

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    Staffing Agencies Orange County - Types Of Work Ideal For Virtual Assistants

    What We Do

    • We make it easy for you to hire full time highly educated, competent, loyal staff
    • We help you remove employee HR headaches
    • We help you remove any incremental staffing costs such as health insurance and tax
    • We also help you to dramatically reduce the risk of your staff leaving to become competitors
    • We also help you to remove workman's comp & litigation risks
    • We help you to bring down your staffing costs by up to 80%

    We Believe

    • We believe that if a small business grows by leveraging offshore staff, ultimately they will help Americans by providing a better lower cost service and ultimately hire more Americans
    • We believe it is a mistake for a small business owner not to make smart use of all methods available to grow their business
    • We believe we live in a global community and if you make use of all resources to grow your business everyone wins, including Americans
    Virtual Assistant Companies Orange County

    Types of work ideal for offshore staff

    Staffing Agencies Orange County - What Are The Best Types Of Virtual Assistants

    The Problem We Solve

    Any business owner or hiring manager knows the challenges of hiring good, loyal, well-educated staff. They also struggle to grow their business or department due to employee costs and overheads. Finding a way through these issues can make the difference between success or failure, profit or loss. Through our experience in doing this for ourselves, we solve this problem for other small business owners.

    Any business owner who wants to grow their business, get more done more efficiently and generate more profit should try our service.

    Legal Staffing Agencies Orange County Success
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    Take Action

    Think about your business, consider what a staffing cost reduction of 80% would mean to you. Consider what work you could hire for, that you currently do not, simply because of staffing costs and employee headache issues.

    Look at our list of jobs off-shore worker do particularly well


    We are unique because we provide a full service at a low cost, single monthly fee, per employee:

    • We provide real, full-time staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally
    • Highly educated, loyal, reliable and hard working
    • We recruit (advertise, qualify & recommend)
    • We provide staff management tools
    • We provide coaching and training on how to get the best out of your offshore workers
    • We provide staff that have excellent spoken and written English
    • We handle payroll and bonuses

    By working with the Orange County Smart VA Staffing agency, you have the potential to make your business substantially more efficient, make more profit and lower your costs.

    The cost of a consultation is zero. Call us today at +1 (949) 505-9026

    You will be talking to someone who has successfully hired and managed off-shore workers and realized all the benefits discussed above.

    Types of work ideal for offshore staff

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