Orange County Staffing Agencies Now Supply Low-Cost Virtual Assistants for Busy Finance Firms

If you’re a finance manager or a financial advisor for one of the many Orange County advising firms, you are likely overworked. You need recruiting solutions from one of the many staffing agencies.

You need help. Your busy schedule isn’t doing you or your clients any favors. Lack of sleep can’t be helping your productivity. And if you want to increase your income, you’ve got to figure out how to delegate more.

Reasons Finance Managers Fail to Hire New Employees

Your busy schedule isn’t doing you or your clients any favors. To increase your income, you will need to figure out how to delegate more.

“But I can’t afford to hire right now!”—comes the common response!

The Vicious Cycle of Hiring

You need to increase your revenue to hire new employees. But you can’t expand without some help around the office.

There is a solution to your puzzle, a solution more and more finance companies around the United States are turning to—


No. We don’t want you to acquire an amphetamine addiction to stay ahead of your workload. Instead, consider hiring a virtual assistant.

Offshore Employees

“But I don’t want the hassle of working with someone on the other side of the globe!”—comes your next response.

Our current work environment allows workers to labor from home, work in other office locations, and even to work on the other side of the world as their coworkers. With digital technology, you can communicate seamlessly, as if your associate is sitting next to your work desk.

Still Haven’t Gone Paperless

“But I haven’t quite jumped on board the whole paperless office trend!”—is a common concern people in lots of industries express.

The truth is your lack of digital depth is likely slowing your work performance. We work with lots of companies with employees needing digital efficiency. But these workers aren’t excited about learning how to manage a digital office. NO PROBLEM!

A virtual assistant will manage the digital component of your work. Use all the paper you want—Kill trees to your heart’s content.

An administrative assistant in your office can scan all your docs and send them to your new virtual financial assistant. This overseas employee can use time-saving software to conduct research, analyze data, and send you easy-to-read reports.

Go crazy! You have an assistant to manage your technology.

You’re now cutting edge, without having to worry about being cutting edge.

Most Recruiting Firms & Staffing Agencies Cannot Help your Orange County Finance Company

You may be surprised to learn that local employment firms don’t usually offer offshore employees. If they do, their service will still be more expensive than you’ll like.

Because we specialize in staffing in the Philippines, we are less expensive than conventional agencies. And we will also teach your Orange County managers how to supervise their remote employees.

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Roles Right for Virtual Finance Specialists

Because we specialize in recruiting in the Philippines, we are drastically less expensive than conventional staffing agencies and or recruiting firms.

What kind of work can you hire a virtual financial assistant to accomplish?

All of your financial advisors will obviously need to be U.S. residents with the right licenses. But you can hire experts working offshore who can help them with all of their analysis, assemble reports for clients, and assist in the management of digital documents.

This is an excellent option for financial advisors who want to increase the number of clients they work with but can’t keep up with all the office work.

A licensed advisor shouldn’t spend a lot of time in the office. She should be speaking with customers every minute of every day. Whether consulting at the office, on the phone, or through email, advisors can only make money when they’re connecting directly with clients.

Likewise, a smart advisor will also delegate most email communication to an assistant, who follows up on the insurance application process, and other financial transactions. An overseas staff member can fulfill all of these duties.

If you are a finance manager for an Orange County company, using virtual assistants can also be profitable. Spending less like a department, while getting more accomplished means higher profit.

Increase the volume of work you can manage, with a larger staff, without killing yourself, and without having to hire a lot of new employees locally. Expect big raises for you and your colleagues when you start using this staffing solution.

Learn about the educational levels of Filipino virtual assistants.

Hire More Local Employees when You Take Advantage of Outsourcing

Hiring in Southern California is a tough challenge for anyone in the finance industry. On the one hand, you want to offer a high quality of life to your local employees. You want them to be able to afford to buy a home, go on vacations, and send their kids to college.

But if you’re not growing because you can’t afford to hire, no one is increasing their income. Morale goes down, and it’s hard to retain high-achieving staff members.

Because virtual assistants need local management, you’ll need to hire more Orange County employees to make your operation flow successfully. But you’ll become more profitable as a business, keeping both your local and overseas staff members happy, successful, well-compensated, and employed with manageable workloads.

Help Your Staff Quickly Obtain Certifications

Need to hire new financial advisors? Some won’t have their licenses and will be studying for months and often years to pass these tests. Assign a virtual assistant to help new advisors acquire their target certifications. An assistant can help them organize their study material. And your advisor will be able to delegate a lot more work to their overseas helper, giving them more time for studying, increasing their knowledge and capability to earn.

Hire for assistance with attaining the following licenses:

  • Series 65
  • Series 66
  • Series 7

Also, help your advisors acquire the following designations:

  • Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)
  • Chartered Investment Counselor (CIC)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Roles for Virtual Assistants

Hire offshore in the following roles:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Assistant to Financial Advisor
  • Bookkeepers
  • Data Entry for Finance
  • Financial Aid Management
  • Financial Services Administration
  • Underwriting
  • DBC Finance
  • Structuring Bonds
  • Stock Market Data Analysis
  • Commercial Banking

Hire New Finance Staff Immediately

Don’t let the demands of a tough industry prevent your company from growing in Orange County. Beat your global competitors on profitability. Hire the best people you can find in Southern California while supplementing their efforts with virtual staffing. Hire one of the few firms or agencies in the area that specialize in recruiting overseas and training your staff on how to use them.

Grow your finance department. Grow your financial advising firm. Make more money. And say no to drugs!


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