The Best Staffing Agencies Will Surprise You by Helping You to Think Differently

“I can’t afford to hire another person”

“Hiring staff in California is hard because of all the hidden costs”

“I’ve had so many problems with employees leaving my small business in Orange County. I spend months getting them trained, they just start getting useful, then they leave, and I am back to square one”.

“Finding people that actually want to work is the challenge, kids nowadays just seem to want to get paid to take it easy”.

“The best staffing agencies would help me find people I can afford that are willing to learn, work hard and stay in the job, trouble is I don’t think they exist”.

We hear these comments a lot. Small business owners in Orange County struggle to find well-educated people that actually want a long-term job. If they do find good staff it’s not long before they are off seeking perceived greener pastures.

“What happened to loyalty?”

“When did working hard for a fair day’s pay become old-fashioned?”

A staffing agency’s best work will be when they can solve these problems. Let’s state the goal clearly.

Real Goals for the Best Staffing Agencies

  • Provide highly educated, motivated staff.
  • Provide staff who cost much less than average but who are incredibly loyal to their employer.
  • Do all the recruiting work and provide effective management tips and tools to get the best performance from employees.

Simple really.

Unrealistic? We don’t think so.

The Smart VA Staffing Agency has done this many times.  We have helped many small businesses in Orange County break out of the mold, reduce their staffing costs, hire and retain better, more productive employees.

Get Smart, Change Your Thinking, Try a New Approach

Economics First

Typical staffing costs in California range between $15 to $25 an hour. This equates to $2,600 to $4,300 a month. Unfortunately, this does not reflect the real cost to employers, as added onto that cost a business owner faces tax, insurance, and much more. Those additional costs, depending upon the benefits employers provide, range anything from a 1.25 to 1.5 multiple.

Skilled virtual assistants like Kirt can save you thousands in staffing costs

If we take a low average multiple, a $15 an hour worker actually costs $19.50 an hour or $3,379.94 a month. A more highly paid worker at $25 an hour actually costs $32.50 an hour or $5,633.23 a month.

If a business owner is using a staffing agency it’s much worse as staffing agencies do not work for free. Typical staffing agencies charge anywhere between 20% to 40% on top.

If instead of hiring a local U.S. worker in California, you work with us and hire your first offshore virtual assistant, it will cost you somewhere between an average of $940 to $1050 a month. That’s everything, there are no additional charges, no agency fees, no tax, no insurance. That’s the real loaded cost.

That’s a saving of between 64% to 76%. And the saving gets better as the skill and qualifications of the employee increases.

If we calculate a low average salary cost, a $15 an hour worker typically costs $19.50 an hour or $3,379.94 a month in real costs. A more highly paid worker at $25 an hour actually costs $32.50 an hour or $5,633.23 a month. An offshore virtual assistant will cost you somewhere between an average of $940 to $1050 a month. As a business owner, can you really ignore this opportunity to boost your profitability?

Recruiting for Specific Skills

The best staffing agencies do more than help you lower your staffing costs, they also help you find people with the skills that you need. Does this work when hiring virtual assistants? The only way to know for sure is to complete our job description form and specify the skills you need.

To date, we have had success recruiting Filipinos across a wide range of skills. This includes skills such as medical billing, customer service, I.T. support, legal office, WordPress,, Shopify, graphic design, QuickBooks, and much more.

Need specific skills? Tell us what you need, you may be surprised what skills offshore virtual assistants have.

Specialist Staffing Agencies

Do you need to go to a specialist staffing agency to get the best people? If you are looking for a new CFO, probably.

However, if you just need a person with good QuickBooks experience or someone with good bookkeeping skills that you can train to do things the way you want them done, then the answer is, probably not.


For all these reasons, when it comes to identifying the best staffing agencies we believe the Smart VA Staffing Agency fits the bill!