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Wanted – Telephone Sales Reps

We need telephone salespeople! Working for the Smart VA Staffing Agency, you’ll be saving your clients money by educating small business owners and hiring managers of the benefits of hiring offshore Filipino virtual assistants instead of costly local American hires.

Although you are selling them something, their staffing costs will drop dramatically, as much as 80%. You will not be selling something that costs your prospects extra money, you will be able to save them money by educating them on how to take advantage of the global market for employees.

Your job will primarily be to get people who are actively looking to hire new staff in their companies to attend a webinar. This is a commission-based role where the commission is ongoing and cumulative. This means that you get a piece of the ongoing monthly income generated by people using our services. Every time a new hire is placed your earnings are additive and ongoing.

To understand how it works, see:

And visit:

If you want:

  • To sell something that you can believe in
  • To sell something that truly benefits your prospects

If you know how to:

  • Make cold calls
  • Know how to get past gatekeepers
  • Get people to attend webinars
  • Leverage LinkedIn to generate your own leads

You should apply for this position.

NOTE: All applications for this position that do not follow these instructions and answer the questions will be ignored.


Go to our contact form, answer the questions below and attach your resume


  1. What would be an example of how you get engagement with people when you make cold calls?
  2. What is your primary technique for getting past gatekeepers?
  3. What is your best method for getting callbacks from voicemail?
  4. Tell us how you have leveraged LinkedIn in the past.
  5. How many hours a week would you prefer to work (40+ full time or if less than that, “part-time,” please specify)?
  6. In terms of career development, what would you like to be doing in a couple of years?
  7. Tell us something about yourself that is not written on your resume but will help us get to know you better as a person.

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