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Meet Ynna, Video Editor – Digital Marketing

I’m Ynna, a Home-based Filipino content writer and video editor. A graduate of BA Psychology from the University of the Philippines Cebu, and now a self-confessed digital nomad who tries to understand how minds tick in the World Wide Web, one click at a time.   I have past experience as a Freelance Writer, HR Assistant, and Online Community Manager.  My likes are movies and TV shows, dogs, coffee, reading books, surfing, and film photography.  I love traveling and will be spending the year 2020 living in Auckland New Zealand!  My Pet Peeves are know-it-alls and cold coffee.  My favorite quote:  “Not all those who wander are lost”.

Ynna’s thoughts regarding common questions about Filipino VA’s

Ynna Erikka working in Auckland, NZ

Why do Filipinos like to work for American companies?

Because of the culture. American companies compensate you properly for the quality and amount of work that you do. Most Filipinos are overworked and underpaid in our own country.

What are the risks for Filipinos working for American companies?

For me, I guess it’s losing faith that you can build a good life with a job in your own country.

Is it better for a Filipino to work with a local company in the Philippines or a US firm?

This depends. If that local company has good values and sees to it that their employees are compensated well then why not. But most people prefer to work for a US firm.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros:  Higher salary, work from home, flexible time, better bosses

Cons: No physical bond with workmates

How easy or hard is it for a Filipino to get a good job with a Philippine company?

The competition is very tight.  One must come from a reputable school and should have an impressive resume.

Has Anyone had a bad experience working for an American company?

None that I know of

What are the biggest work/life challenges most Filipinos face?

Must find a job with enough compensation to fund your passion in life and make a living out of it eventually.

What is the biggest work/life fear Filipinos have?

Not working hard enough to provide a good life for the family.  All work, no play.

What could an American company do for a Filipino worker that would be most helpful or beneficial to them?

Offer enticing benefits aside from bonuses, such as traveling.

What hours (time of day/night) do Filipinos prefer to work and why?

This depends on the person’s productivity.  Some work well during the day and some work well at night, like me.

What could we do better for our Filipino workers than we currently do?

Provide more means of appreciating the work that your employees do.  As part of the Human Resources job I had before, I found that Filipino companies fail to show their appreciation for their employees even in the smallest things or gestures.