Meet our Virtual Assistants

Meet Reina, Social Media Marketer – Digital Marketing

Reina Anne Jayme

Reina started working at Holistic Web Presence, a Digital Marketing Company based in the US, in February 2019 as a LinkedIn Pre-Sales Social Media Marketer. She was responsible for generating and pre-qualifying leads.  Reina used her Social Media Marketing skills to find and qualify small business owners and hiring managers and introduce them to the nature of our services.  She would then reach out via email and phone to schedule appointments for people who were genuinely interested in our services and send them to the CEO.  Reina organized and managed her activities via our CRM management system.

Reina speaks English at a very high level and has great writing skills, she had no problem conversing with prospective US clients. Reina has always been engaged in high-level positions, reporting to executive-level Managers. She is interested in law and pursued that as a law student and worked as a legal secretary in the past. She has worked virtually for many years, so she has remote working skills and application knowledge that make workflow easy.

During her free time, she likes to read and is interested in photography. Korean and Indian food are her favorites.

We would recommend Reina:  Reina is a very talented individual, tech-savvy, and smart – she holds a BA in Political Science.  She was a great asset to the company, had a great work ethic, and was dedicated to the job.  Her time with the company ended after 1 year as the company wrapped up the effort to market the particular service to which she helped get off the ground.  We would highly recommend Reina for any position she felt she was suited for.