Meet Our Virtual Assistant Staff – Kirt Article Writer

Meet Kirt, Specialist Article Writer for a Legal Office

Kirt has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Theology, he is very talented and a long-time valued employee.

Kirt has been an article writer for the Smart VA Staffing Agency for a long time, over 7 years now. He writes professionally for legal offices covering highly topical subjects such as incorporation, professional corporations for doctors and nurses as well as 1099 contractor and W2 employee issues.

He has also written content for specialist local builders in Anaheim, San Juan Capistrano, and Lake Forest in Orange County.

Kirt is a graduate with two degrees, namely: Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Theology. Although he has not practiced either of these professions, his experiences in these fields have equipped him with the necessary knowledge to write about a vast range of topics.

Kirt is a very talented person. He is also a professional events host and singer in the Philippines.

Getting a job with an American company online gives many Filipinos a chance to earn more without having to leave home.

Traveling and taking on gastronomic adventures are among Kirt’s favorite hobbies.

Kirt’s thoughts regarding common questions about Filipino VA’s

Why do Filipinos like to work for American companies?

The Filipino culture is a very Americanized one. We also find it easier to communicate with Americans compared to other English-speaking nationalities, because their accent is more understandable to our ears. Moreover, Filipinos like working for American companies because of the peso-dollar exchange rate! Thirty bucks can provide three meals for a family of four in the Philippines in one day!

What are the risks for Filipino’s working for American companies?

Scammers are popping up like mushrooms. A lot of American companies offer work and get Filipino employees to perform tedious tasks, only to disappear without paying once the output has been submitted.

Is it better for a Filipino to work with a local company in the Philippines or a US firm?

What are the pros and cons?

Many Filipinos leave the Philippines to work abroad. It’s not true that there is a scarcity of employment opportunities in our country. There is a lot. However, the pay is less than motivating. Most Filipinos are overworked and underpaid, earning only $130 to $290 per month. This is why many Filipino parents sacrifice leaving their children to a relative so that they can earn more by working overseas. Stories about broken families and embittered children of overseas Filipino workers are among the most popular movies in the country. Getting a job with an American company online gives many Filipinos a chance to earn more without having to leave home.