Meet our Virtual Assistants

Meet Karen, Administrative Assistant – Digital Marketing

Karen Superstar Staff!!

I joined a Digital Marketing Company in March 2018 as a Virtual Administrative Assistant where my job is creating business listings to support the optimization of client websites. During my tenure with the company, I have also grown into a Graphic Design role, adding infographics and custom graphics, which pulls my creative side into the job.  An additional skill set is Search Engine Optimization and negative SEO (bad backlinks).   I enjoy learning new skills that push my comfort zone.

Prior to this, I worked as a Customer Service Representative in different BPO Companies such as Convergys, HSBC, and First Source Solutions Ltd.  I also worked as a Sports Risk Analyst for 3 1/2 years at William Hill – an online sports betting company based in the UK. Our team was responsible for checking the accuracy of the computation of the returns for each bet.

I am a graduate of Office Management at Laguna Maritime and Technological Colleges. I currently live in Laguna, Philippines with my husband, our kids, and my mom. I like Japanese food, chocolates and different kinds of desserts!

Things I don’t like: crowded places, Kimchi, and frogs.