Meet Our Virtual Assistant Staff - Joahne, Payroll Administrator

Meet Joahne Mae, Payroll Administrator – Staffing Agency

Joahne Mae has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and in Food Technology


Joahne Mae started working for Smart VA Staffing Agency in 2011 as a Payroll Officer and Video Editor.  Joahne is the company’s first staff member and currently works part-time as a Payroll Administrator.  She also worked full-time for the company as a content writer for two years plus.  While managing the part-time job with great success, she also held positions as an Operations Manager managing 18 branches of a company based in the Philippines and earlier worked as a Staff Nurse in Emergency and Intensive care.  Joahne is a hardworking, multi-talented individual who enjoys travel, adventure, and learning new things.  While she still maintains our Philippine payroll, she has moved to Canada for new opportunities and enjoys working there.  Her young family will be following soon.  Throughout the years Joahne exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated and loyal staff member; she is trusted with very large amounts of money and has never failed the company.