Meet Our Virtual Assistant Staff – Bernadette a business listing and infographic Rockstar!

Meet Frances, Medical Scribe Team Lead

Hi! I’m Frances, graduated from the University of Santo Tomas -Legazpi City (formerly known as Aquinas University of Legazpi) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Working as a medical scribe for over a year and recently got promoted to team lead. I have been with Smart VA since October 2021. I have received appreciation and commendation ever since. I put the mission ahead of myself and worked hard and diligently. My work experience improved my time management, and ability to socialize and be more dedicated to doing my job. I was able to accomplish my responsibility at the same time I accomplished my obligation.

I spend my free time going out with my kids, cooking, and playing with them.

My favorite quote is, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

I am very grateful that I am hired by SmartVA. I wouldn’t know that I am capable of career enhancement if it weren’t because of them. I feel so blessed and I couldn’t be happier.

Frances’s thoughts regarding common questions about Filipino VA’s

Why do Filipinos like to work for American Companies?

Filipinos prefer to work for US companies because of the difference in the workplace. This also includes better compensation, and flexibility that local companies in the Philippines don’t usually have. US companies are very consistent with their values.

Is it better for a Filipino to work with a local company in the Philippines or a US firm?  What are the pros and cons?

It is better to work for a US firm because it makes better sense, economically.

Working for a Philippine company – PROS & CONS

Pros – The company is located in the Philippines and colleagues are also Filipinos.

Cons – Low compensation and benefits, it doesn’t always offer flexible working set up and often comes with unfair treatment.

Working for a US company/US firm – PROS & CONS

Pros – Better compensation, allows work-from-home setup, and an opportunity to enhance skills and work with US colleagues. They focus on skills and discipline at work and give fair treatment.

Cons – Most colleagues are offshore and you don’t get to see them personally.

How easy or hard is it for a Filipino to get a good job with an American company?

Getting a job with an American company can be hard if a Filipino doesn’t know how or is having difficulty communicating in English. Willingness to adapt to the work setup and learn new things are also necessary to get hired. Having these skills plus determination can make it possible for a Filipino to be hired by a US company.

How easy or hard is it for a Filipino to get a good job with a Filipino company?

Getting a job with a Filipino company can be tedious because there are processes that can sometimes take a long time to finish. So, while applying to a Filipino company is more accessible, the hiring process is painstakingly difficult most of the time and they are usually based on degree and college grades rather than skills and experiences.

What is the biggest work/life challenge most Filipinos face?

The biggest challenge for Filipinos at this time is being able to spend time with family while earning enough to provide for their needs and wants.

What is the biggest work/life fear Filipinos have?

The biggest fear Filipinos have is not having a stable job. Filipinos put their families first and want to be certain that they will always be able to provide.

What hours (time of day/night) do Filipinos prefer to work and why?

I prefer working at night time. I get to focus at work because the kids are asleep. I can be efficient, complete all tasks during my shift and I can spend time with my family in the morning when they are all up before I go to sleep.