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Do I Have To Pay For My VA Even If I Do Not Need Them For A Period?

When you work with Smart VA Staffing you get a full-time Filipino VA. A VA that acts like your full-time employee, even though technically you are only paying for a monthly service to a U.S company. Consequently, you only pay a single monthly fee with no additional costs.

The cost benefits speak for themselves when compared to hiring an individual in the U.S.

There are other ways of hiring VAs, such as by the hour or for a specific term project.

Pros and Cons of Full Time VAs vs. Hourly VAs

From a practical point of view, your Smart VA Staffing VA is your monthly salaried employee. From a U.S. technical point of view, your VA is a monthly service provided by us. Our prices are based on reliable monthly recurring rates, with processes that are largely automated to keep the costs down.

Do I Have To Pay For My VA Even If I Do Not Need Them For A Period?

The short answer with Smart VA Staffing is, “yes”.

If you decide for whatever reason, that you do not need your employee for a period, albeit a day, several days, or weeks and that you do not want to pay for them, by definition you are asking to move to a VA that is on an hourly rate.

Hiring VA’s on hourly rates is totally possible. Hourly rates though are generally significantly higher than you will typically pay based on a long-term monthly rate. At Smart VA Staffing we only provide VAs on monthly rates based on acquiring a Filipino employee long-term. This is mainly because, in practice, we have found that success with VA performance and retention is better realized when the VA has a stable long-term job with a reliable income. VAs that freelance, get paid by the hour, for erratic time periods, or limited term projects tend (in our experience) to expect to earn more and, usually have multiple clients. Therefore their attention and performance are more often than not, erratic.

VA Retention Rates

The retention rate issue is worth discussing. There’s a cost in time to train and bring up to speed a new VA. Going through multiple VAs over time can be a serious pain and is often what puts people off able having VAs at all. At Smart VA Staffing we have VAs that have been with us for more than ten years. Their knowledge, expertise, and productivity has only grown over time. They have become employees critical to the business, who are extremely loyal.

Most Filipino VA’s have a family and want a stable job with a reliable income.

This comes about because most Filipino VAs want a stable job that generates a reliable income. They usually have families to support. Income that fluctuates creates an unstable income. If a Filipino VA is left without income for a period and spare time, they will usually seek an alternative income. That often leads to a VA becoming erratic and dramatically affect VA retention.

The way we do things at Smart VA Staffing results in us rarely losing a VA. Also, VAs that do a really good job for our clients.

If you would rather have a VA on an hourly rate, there is nothing wrong with that. There are tons of sites and businesses that provide that service. It is not however a service that Smart VA Staffing provides.

If you want a VA at an hourly rate we recommend

If you want a loyal reliable, long-term, full-time VA who you can train over time to be extremely competent at what you need them to do then we recommend you go the Smart VA Staffing way.