Article Writer – Content Marketing – Video Editor “position filled”

We are looking for a great Filipino article writer who can also edit videos

Wanted, Filipino Virtual Assistants

Projects will be provided as a general brief, “article needed about ‘xxx’ subject”. You will need to be good at research and able to write excellent articles in the 750 – 1,500 word range. Sometimes work will come in the form of a video. The video will need to be edited for flow, verbal stumbles and enhanced with simple graphics. The video will then need to be transcribed and that transcription turned into an optimized article that can be published as a web page or series of web pages.


A basic knowledge of SEO
Some experience with straightforward video editing
A familiarity with adding content to WordPress sites


Excellent core writing skills in American English will be critical

Extensive training will be provided to top up these core skills.


Go to our contact form:

  1. State the job you are applying for
  2. Provide your resume
  3. Examples of previous work if you have them
  4. Answer the following questions

Please note that the point of asking you to answer the following questions is to enable us to gauge your ability to follow instructions, your command of the English language, writing style, and video editing skills.


    1. Please describe your general experience in article writing.
    2. If you previously held a video editing position or have done video-related work, please describe what you did including how long you held the position.
    3. Tell us something about more personal yourself that is not written on your resume but will help us get to know you better as a person.
    4. How many hours a week would prefer to work (40+ full time or if less than that “part-time” please specify).
    5. Will this be your second or only job?
    6. In terms of career development, what would you like to be doing in a couple of years?

Applications that do not follow the instructions above WILL BE IGNORED