Administrative Assistant – Customer Service – Insurance Office “position filled”

We need a full-time Filipino administrative assistant / personal lines specialist for an insurance office

Wanted, Filipino Administrative Virtual Assistants

The primary task for this position is to help retain existing clients by re-quoting the existing insurance with one of our client’s many carriers (no insurance office experience required, full training will be given).

Main tasks include making changes to policies, answering basic billing questions via email, and doing requotes for existing clients that are dealing with rate hikes.

The general goal of this role is to be communicating with our clients before renewals are available, gather updated information, and then quote the clients. Clients will be both personal (auto & home insurance), and business (commercial insurance).

Full training on all processes will be provided.

Applicants for this position must be able to write well with good English grammar, have a customer service orientation, and have the ability to communicate effectively with Americans via email and text chat.

They will also need solid computer skills using applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.


Go to our contact form:

  1. State the job you are applying for
  2. Provide your resume
  3. Examples of previous work if you have them
  4. Answer the following questions

Please note that the point of asking you to answer the following questions is to enable us to gauge your ability to follow instructions, your command of the English language, writing style, and attention to detail.


  1. Please describe your general experience in office administration and or document writing generally.
  2. If you previously held a customer service position and or worked in an insurance office, please describe what you did including how long you held the position.
  3. Tell us something about yourself that is not written on your resume but will help us get to know you better as a person.
  4. How many hours a week would prefer to work (40+ full time or if less than that “part-time” please specify).
  5. Will this be your second or only job?
  6. In terms of career development, what would you like to be doing in a couple of years?

Applications that do not follow the instructions above WILL BE IGNORED